Wow it’s been 10 Years, time to start celebrating my recovery

What 10 years of being well from Chronic Fatigue has taught me and why I love celebrating my recovery

It has been a strange week, full of mixed emotions, thinking about what I have lost, missing so much of my kids growing up, and making family memories with my wife.

The strange things that through the illness I have actually gained so much, it's weird to think that even though I wish I'd never had it, it has shaped me into the person I am today and that I would not change for anything.

I sat down this morning reflecting about what I have learnt because of and I came up with 35 lessons; I share some of them in the video so I hope you enjoy it, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to get for video life lessons

*UPDATE:  So it is a few days after I originally wrote this blog and I'm staggered by some of the heartfelt comments that I have received, I have received emails from the Middle East, Australia and the United States expressing how my personal journey has inspired them.  I even (Now this is cool!) got an email from a client who was with me in Norway on my first seminar which was the day I celebrated my 1st year of being well.
Oh yeah, and those 35 lessons are now at a staggering 50 so that means I can create more posts in an aid to help others create success in their lives.
So as usual, wishing you the greatest success.
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