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Do you class yourself as an entrepreneur, often people don't but for clarity purposes and entrepreneur is someone who has decided to take a risk and start a business.  So whether you describe yourself as a business owner, solopreneur, holisticpreneur, entrepreneur or a jack of all trade you still fall under the same category.  

Without attaching a label, you are someone with the courage to take charge and build something from scratch, it might be an idea or filling a gap you see missing in your chosen space, you might believe that you can do things better in an existing market.  Of course let's not remove the fact that you might be a little nuts as all business owners are working with a mindset coach can have massive benefits for achieving your life and business goals.

Now let's get back to the serious part if you're visiting this site then you are looking for solutions to transform your results, PERFECT! because I just happen to love supporting people like you...

Having been a specialist in the field of human potential development for over a decade I have had the privilege of working with some great clients from all over the world, during that time there are some common challenges they have need the support from a performance and mindset coach.

  • Improve results.
  • Create a strong plan of action.
  • Reap the benefits of Accountability.
  • Increase productivity and focus.
  • Implement new systems and habits.
  • Get clarity on purpose and vision.
  • Achieve Life Goals

To be honest after being a mindset coach and working in this field for all these years the list is long, but it boils down to I work with you so you can create the life and business you have dreamed of or what I like to call your exceptional life.  I offer a wide range of services to assist you in getting results, if you have any questions then please just reach out and I will assist you.

Latest Podcast Episode

In order to achieve the results you are looking for you need to implement new strategies and ways of thinking, working with a mindset coach and mentor is a success multiplier, I am trained and experienced to ask the right questions to steer you in finding the solutions to your challenges and then implementing the correct strategies.

Here are just some of the ways I can support you in transforming your results and develop a SUCCESS IQ


The key is not about burning the candle at both ends, the skill is implementing strategies and systems that assist you in getting more done in less time.

Work / Life Balance

Don't fall into the Hustle trap, making sure you understand when your priorities need to shift is key to enjoying a healthier harmony between work and life.


Having a clear plan of action is critical for achieving the results you are demanding from yourself, I will support you in getting that clarity and focus.

Stop Burnout

You are the most important asset in your life, making sure you are at your best performance and maintaining your health and wellbeing is key.


There is nothing wrong needing support and my role it to make sure you're not stopping your progress and results with BS excuses or limiting strategies.

Support Structure

We all need help from time to time and developing a strong support network is vital, having coach is just one of the key pillars to building that system in your life.

They Say

Carrie Armstrong

TV Personality / Professional Speaker

Asking Geoff to Coach me is the best decision I have ever made. Geoff has a collection of tools in his Coaching arsenal like no other Coach you will ever meet. There is not one area of my life that Geoff has not enabled me to make a strong improvement and change in.

Richard Tubb

The IT Business Growth Expert

Geoff has become my "go to" guy for advice and guidance on personal development, performance and positive mental health. Geoff is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of performance coaching. More than this, Geoff is a real "go-giver" giving his time and experience to help others become better people.

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