Creating Your A Your Winning Support Structure for your life and business

Learn why your Support Structure is critical for your success in life and business

An entrepreneur's life can be a lonely one, quite often you work on your own at home focused and driven to achieve your goal of developing your passion into a profitable business.  Apart from the solitude, there is also the trap of trying and thinking you need to do all the work yourself; this can lead to reducing your effectiveness within your business and can limit how much quality time you have available with your loved ones.

We live in a fantastic time as business owners; the world is a lot smaller allowing us to communicate freely with companies and specialists all over the world at very low cost if not free, as an entrepreneur you should be using this to your advantage.

I was speaking to someone last night who was discussing this very issue, how there were not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the tasks and the fact that it was stopping him from doing the very thing he started his business for.

I understand why many of us do this; you need to keep overheads down, but this strategy may be stopping you from creating the very income you need to survive.

Success is a team sport, you need great support structure to achieve your goals, now before you get all sweaty under the collar thinking that that sounds expensive, it doesn't have to.  There are many ways to create your success team without the additional worries and challenges of employing people.

Think of it as creating your very own formula one pit crew; each has a particular task all designed to support the driver. By setting up a great support structure like the pit crew, you can delegate those jobs that you are weaker at, allowing you to focus on what you're great at.

Here are some tips for developing your team:

  • Nurturing your network: I am sure you know people within your network who either have the skills you need or will know people that can be of some support, by asking around you will be amazed how many people can help you.If you are strapped for cash, never underestimate your skills as currency, when I first started out I would offer my coaching services as a way to pay for work, the good old bartering system at work.
  • this is a great site, it is full of people all over the world from designers, programmers to bookkeepers, costs vary but start around $5, start researching and check out the reviews for each service you're interested in.  There are alternative sites doing the same type of thing just spend some time studying them.
  • Social Media: Put a question out on social media and see what comes back to you, someone gives a response you like then you can start a line of communication with them, who knows what can happen.

Sometimes you are just at the right place at the right time, for example, I met my website and marketing team in immigration at Chicago Airport while on the way to Phoenix, they are based in London (go figure that one out).

A few months after meeting them I began to have some issues with me at the time, the current provider,   I decided to send them an email, the rest is history they have been an integral part of my business for over five years.

List the tasks that distract you from the important job, prioritise them and then start looking around for people that can take that pressure off you, start small and build it as your income increases.

It will reduce your stress and dramatically improve your performance and productivity.

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