21 – Stu McLaren: Creating Your Tribe 

 February 15, 2017

By  Geoff

Creating Your Tribe

When it comes to finding someone who can help you build a tribe of loyal followers you need to go no further than Stu McLaren, I have been a quiet follower of Stu’s ever since I saw his co-host on a Michael Hyatt’s podcast.  I admired his down to earth personality and his drive for success without jeopardising his family life.  I had so much fun speaking to Stu on this episode not only because he is a really cool guy but also because he is so willing to share his knowledge.

Stu McLaren is the former co-founder of the world’s largest membership site platform for WordPress, WishList Member. After interacting with over 60,000+ membership site owners, he saw patterns of success with a small group of high-growth sites. He then used that knowledge to launch and grow multiple high 6 and 7-figure membership sites with New York Times best-selling authors, speakers and experts. Now he is sharing the same blueprints at TribeWorkshop.com.

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