Staying Calm in the Immigration Line this Holiday.

passports_UKIf you have read some of my other blogs you will be well aware of one of my favourite pass times which is people watching, and due to the fact that I am off on my jollies soon to America I know I often see people getting frustrated in the immigration  as they wait to be allowed entry into the US but the same will apply to most people who are traveling to international destinations.

As I write this I have already heard people talk about massive delays, I have been told I could expect to be there from a few hours to several hours but the reality is that it will be however long it is.

So here are some tips:

  • Be Prepared: There is absolutely no point getting worked up because it will take as long it is takes, the immigration staff have a very important job to do and although yes sometimes it would be nice to move a little faster, it is important that they do there job properly. It will be far more beneficial for you and your family to be prepared for the delays, let your children know that there might be a wait and make sure you have things to do with them while they wait, if you have young children make sure you have enough formula just incase they get hungry.
  • Create a distraction: If you think that there might be a delay then make sure that you have distraction tools to get the kids and your minds off the arduous wait in line.  Having an iPad or other smart device with a movie or some games on, acts as a great distraction aid and allows the time to move quicker.  Important note is to make sure you have comfortable headphone for the kids and make sure that the iPad is charged, you can get some great battery boosters that can come in very handy.
  • Chill out: I know that if you have family with you or children that it can be very frustrating to be stuck in the line, but let go of the anger for several reasons.  Its not going to get you there any quicker and I can assure you the immigrations officers won't take any crap from you.  So just stay calm and you will feel less frustrated and there won't be any arguments created the moods that that frustration will cause.  Make sure you have some nice music to listen to as it will help you reduce that stress, control your breathing and slow it down as this will also help you become more relaxed.
  • Make the best of it:  A few years ago I was on a business trip flying into Chicago for a connecting flight to Phoenix the flight arrived a little late but I was told that there was plenty of time to catch my next flight.  I arrived to see the biggest queue I have ever seen there must of been 3 jumbo’s that had landed at the same time and only 6 desks open, I admit it was crazy but I knew that I couldn't make it go any quicker and if I missed my flight there would be connecting ones later in the day but the airline would have to sort that out.  So I waited patiently, when I did get a bit angry I tool control and relaxed, I met some amazing people in the queue and had a laugh with some of the people waiting with me.  Infact one of the guys I talked to and met in that queue is now a friend and I use him for my website and marketing weird i know.  Oh yeah and the other great thing, I did miss my flight but I was put on the next flight a few hours later and bumped up to first class, so you never know what great things could come out of it.

I wish you a safe trip and a fantastic holiday where ever you are going.

What tips do you have for staying calm in a queue?

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