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I have often talked about how I run productivity experiments within my business the recent tests was to see how I can maximise my written content production which also seems to be a topic I've been speaking to a lot of my clients and people at networking events asking about strategies and how can they improve it, too.

I thought, great question and it is also something I need to work on as I have the same issue so I would run the tests to see what I could do to improve my processes and systems to produce more written content then I can introduce my findings to my clients.

I've always been very open about the challenges I have with my dyslexia and about getting written content done. It's a massive chore for me. It's excruciating, and I've got to find new ways to be more consistent in delivering new, more content on my blog posts.

Of course, this is not just a problem for me so many of you have shared your challenges in finding the time to produce written content because of all your other commitments to running your business. The strategy that I am sharing with you in this post can completely change that or certainly make it a lot less painful. is a transcription service that charges you $1 a minute, I have thought about it several times but never really pursued it as a system for me, if I am honest, I have no idea why most likely a stubborn pride thing that I have about getting better at writing.

Several guests have talked about it on my podcast show, so I bit the bullet and decided that this was worth exploring during my productivity experiment. I wanted to test and see how versatile it could be for someone trying to get more content created, here are a couple of scenarios that might be useful to you.

Blog Writing:

This blog has been dictated while I am in the car waiting for my son to finish school, I have about 15 minutes and thought ok here is a possible test, you like me want to be extremely productive during your day so why not record your blog posts using the great app have and record your content.

It can be in the car, walking the dog or even sitting on the throne all of these examples are perfect times to use this strategy and of course it could when if you are just struggling with trying to type the words, speaking may be easier for you.

When you're done, you can listen to it and then hit the transcribe button or upload it to the website, and within 12 hours you can have your work typed out and in your mailbox ready to go. I have found it’s been a massive help to you and my workload.

Find out the cost and delivery time of this blog at the end.


A client of mine wanted to produce a product to help them grow her list, she had procrastinated on it for a month or so mainly because she could not find the time to write it as it would take ages. She wanted to create an audio program with a manual/ebook companion.

The product contained five tips which over a period of a week she recorded when she had time using her iPhone memo recorder, she then combined them into one file and sent them to to have it transcribed into the skeleton of her booklet.

12 hours later a document was returned all edited and ready to go, she, of course, needed to check it over and design the book within seven days after creating it she now has a product that is helping her grow her list.

48 minutes of audio = $48 and was delivered in 12 hours

Could this strategy help you in your business?


This has been a great result for my productivity, I am looking at using this to write my book to get the draft completed as it has taken me far too long to complete it, you could use it for interviews to have them transcribe the conversation, they will decipher the different people talking at no extra charge.

It took me nine mins to record which cost me $9, and it was returned in 19 mins. Compared to my usual blog writing escapades which would have taken me days, I have not had to do as much editing either. Of course, there is a cost to it so make sure you budget; accordingly, you can use the app, but for a few dollars maybe it's worth a try.

Have you tried this type of strategy and did it help? Always love hearing from you

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