037 – Rosie Aiello: Habits for Creating more Time, Money and Fun

More about my guest Rosie Aiello

Rosie Aiello is an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and founder of ClearVista Consulting International, Rosie Aiello champions entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world to realise their dreams and vision with clarity and focus. She loves defeating productivity black holes and small business overwhelm. With her proven programs, Rosie empowers her clients to organise and value their time, resulting in higher profits, less stress, and more freedom to enjoy fulfilling lives.

She is a co-author with other experts in Entrepreneur Extraordinaire; a must-have book for all entrepreneurs and has written three eBooks, 12 Essential Success Habits That Create More Time, Money & Fun, and the series The One Minute Productivity Tip.

Rosie is also co-author of the bestselling book Conversations that Make a Difference—Shifting Your Beliefs to Get What You Want. 

From over a membership of 40,000, Rosie won the eWomen Network International Business Matchmaker of the Year after only three years in her business

Rosie Aiello Recommends:

You can get some great resources from Rosie's site http://clearvistaconsulting.com/gift

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