068 – Reed Menssa: Using Amazon to create an Income

Using Amazon to create an Income

Reed Menssa is a successful Amazon and online seller who has developed many tools (so ware) and systems (strategy) to help other Amazon sellers succeed. Reed’s so ware has produced pro table results for every type of seller and can be used in every skill level. He is an expert in his field and loves to share his knowledge and experience with others to help them succeed.

After consulting others, Reed set out to write a best-selling book on Amazon PPC sponsored advertising.  Advanced Amazon PPC for You! is a 5-star-rated bestseller. Just the tip of the iceberg on what Reed shares, the so ware Advanced Amazon Consulting developed takes that knowledge to the next level. From product profitability research (knowing if a product will be successful and know what it will take to get there) to Amazon listing optimization (increasing sales by using the Amazon A9 algorithm to his advantage), Reed brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

eCommerce wasn’t always Reed’s dream. A former oil field inspector who loved his work - but hated being away from his family for months at a time - he turned to online work to better his life. eCommerce helps Reed enjoy his other passions like spending time with family and fishing. Fun fact: Reed caught the second largest fish in 2007 - a 54-inch giant pike. Now he wants to help others build their ideal life through online selling.

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Reed has very kindly set up some bonus content for you, that being my amazing listeners you can find it at http://azanalyzer.com/successiq

Connect With Reed Menssa

If you are wanting to know more about reed then you can connect with him on Twitter or his website www.advancedamazonconsulting.com

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Reed Menssa Using Amazon
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