000 – Origin Story of the Success IQ Podcast

Success IQ Podcast Origin Story

Everything starts with an origin story here is mine and why I started the show, the time has come to embark on this podcast journey (again), but I am passionate about supporting people like you to create and live an exceptional life.

This episode is my origins story, I want you to understand why I am on this journey and why supporting people like you to live the best version of themselves and to create a fun and fulfilled life is so important to me.

I came to a point in my life that I hope you never experience but it taught me so much and I became fascinated by what drives people from desperation to Inspiration. I started to work with Stress Related Conditions which later evolved to working with business owners and other high performers to create the life they want.

The Podcasts Focus:

The show focuses on three core elements work, life and mindset.  Most of the Business owners and entrepreneurs I meet or work with want to create something special, both for themselves and the people that are close to them. they face many challenges on the way to that dream and I want to help them get there.

They face many challenges on the way to that dream, I believe with the right strategies and support they can achieve their life goals.

I will be inviting Experts, thought leaders and business owners from all over the world some I know personally as friends and associates others I have the honour of them wanting to join me in a relaxed fun-filled environment to share their knowledge, journey and mistakes that they have experienced on their route to success.

SO enjoy have fun and please let me know what you think of the show, I have had so much fun already and it is just about to launch.

In order for you to get this content, it is available on loads of formats Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes, TuneIn and of course right here on my website.

More ways to get involved

If you have found anything useful on this episode, then please leave a comment and rate the show.  If you would like to ask Geoff a question or suggest a topic to cover on the show, please email him at podcast@geoffnicholson.co.uk

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