Negative People

Negative People! avoid them they're holding your back

There's one thing I found over the last ten years in business it Is that it's amazing how many people in your life try to shatter your dreams and persuade you not go for your goals. Quite often this is because they have given up on their dreams or have never had any aspirations to succeed for whatever reason, or because they haven't been able to achieve it themselves they believe it's not possible for you either.

These people will poke holes in every idea, smash every dream you have that takes you closer to your goal.  I call this an emotional vampire; it's quite a poignant name because they do literally suck the positive energy from you. When you're finished speaking to an emotional vampire, you're tired, demotivated and probably start to doubt yourself.

To deal with these types of people there is a very simple strategy, are you ready, STAY AWAY from them, I know it's complicated but so many people fail to do this.  To achieve your success and I cannot stress this enough you need to remove them from your life, you need to pull yourself away from that negative energy because is going stop you from believing you can do it.

The biggest challenges are when these people are an important part of your life such as family members or close friends; I question whether their actual real friends if they are holding you back from leveling up your life.

Family, on the other hand, can be a challenge but, a useful strategy is to identify who they are, then prepare yourself mentally for when you meet them, by doing this you are training yourself to be more resilient around them and to alter their influence on you.

It is so important to protect your dreams, never allow people to poison them or belittle them. There is nothing wrong with friends and family members challenging your dreams and goals; you just need to make sure they are coming from a place of support and not jealously.

Please share with me how you deal with those negative people in your life.

Wishing you great success.

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