Mindset Coaching


Mindset coaching will assist you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, develop a positive attitude, and be more productive and successful by providing a supportive environment that encourages creativity and problem-solving. Geoff Nicholson's programs are an essential tool for business owners to grow their businesses, develop a high performer's mindset, and achieve extraordinary results in a shorter period of time, ultimately increasing their success.

Success is 80% in your head, simply put the thoughts that you have combined with the feelings they create determine the actions do or don't take.

Mindset Coaching

Overcome the challenges of the unhealthy Hustle mindset trap

The hustle ethos is a powerful thing - but it comes with a dark side that is rarely talked about. Working hard to create something amazing and provide a great life for your family is an admirable goal, but if you don't go about it in the right way, the cost can be devastating. Your health, relationships and confidence can all suffer. That's why Geoff Nicholson programs will help you achieve your ambitions - but with balance. My Success IQ mindset system is designed to help you get the most out of life without sacrificing your wellbeing. Don't take the risk - take control of your success today.

Transform Your Life and Business with Mindset Coaching: Unlock Your True Potential!

If you're visiting this web page, you must be interested in discovering how Geoff Nicholson can help you to transform your results, overcome challenges, and achieve more in less time. Geoff provides powerful tools to help you to identify and reach your goals. A mindset coach can help you to get clear on your objectives, create a plan of action, and provide you with the motivation

and accountability to stay on track and reach your desired outcomes. You'll learn how to think differently about yourself, your circumstances, and your goals. You'll gain insight into what's holding you back and develop strategies to create positive changes in your life. With the help of mindset coaching, you can make significant progress towards achieving your goals

Check out my programs

I have a great selection of 1-2-1 and group programs that will meet your needs and your budget, because I understand that not everyone can afford a retainer type program but are still in need of the support from an expert like me to achieve you goals.

Success IQ Kickstart

Group Program

Introducing Success IQ Kickstart: a revolutionary 28-day program to help you create a solid plan of action and learn how to achieve exceptional results in your life.

Our hybrid program includes online lessons, group calls, habit tracking exercises, and other resources to help you stay on track and achieve your goals. With this program, you'll have access to the tools and strategies you need to make real progress and reach success.

Stop waiting around and take action today with Success IQ Kickstart.

Success IQ Regain

Group Program

Are you looking to develop a success mindset and create a plan of action to achieve your goals in the next 3 months? Then look no further than Success IQ Regain's 90 day Hybrid Program.

This program combines the advantages of self-learning and ongoing support to help you develop the fundamentals of the Success IQ mindset. You'll have access to online resources, habit tracking, accountability and regular online support sessions. With this program, you’ll be guided and supported every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals in no time.

So don’t wait any longer and take your first step towards success with Success IQ Regain’s 90 day program. Start developing the success mindset you’ve always wanted and achieve your goals in no time.


1-2-1 Program

Are you looking to create exceptional results in key areas of your life? Look no further than Success IQ Elite's 1-2-1 program. With 6 or 12 month duration plans, you'll be pushed to become the best version of yourself and build a high performer's mindset. As a business owner, you know how important it is to stay accountable and to perform your best, while taking care of your mental health.

Success IQ Elite provides unrivaled support and is the perfect program to help you do just that. Working with a mindset expert and a tailored program, you'll be well on your way to reaching your goals and creating the life you desire. So don't wait any longer and join our program to start seeing exceptional results in key areas of your life today!