127 – Michael Tranmer: Power of Discipline

Motivation, Discipline and Routine

Well, we are back from a long break between seasons, I hope you have had a great Christmas and wishing you all the very best of success and happiness in 2020.

This weeks guest is Michael Tranmer, Michael helps launch new online coaches so that they can leave their corporate jobs and POWERFULLY serve their people on a higher level. Michael has engineered a system that guides new coaches to get clarity on their message, develop their programs, and land their first clients.

Michael's greatest leadership strength is his ability to engineer clarity for his clients. Michael MASTERED this skill over a successful engineering career leading teams on multi-million-dollar projects.

His transition into the Thought Leader industry came after reaching a low point in his life followed by a POWERFUL transformation working with a coach of his own.

Michael currently lives and plays in Vancouver but has MASSIVE plans to create a global life of travel, adventure and inspiring others.

As a high performer, Michael recognizes that a consistent, disciplined and focused lifestyle are the only way to make BIG dreams come true.

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Question Time:

Q1: On average, how much time a week do you dedicate to self-development, that's body mind and spirit?

A: Oh, boy. Wow, I on average? at least three hours a day, so at least 20 hours a week

Q2: What book has made the biggest impact on your self-development or personal growth and why?

A: Dr Joe Dispenza's Becoming Supernatural, I'm reading it again for the second time right now, it's really helped explain a lot of the transformational changes that I was going through in my mind a year and a half ago, and it's helped me to also teach and explain those to other people. It's also helped me to refocus and become really a master creator of what I want to create for my future. And I want to teach other people how to do that as well. And the book is incredible at doing that

Q3: What app makes the biggest impact to your business or life?

A: right now it's Instagram.

You know, I've had some mixed emotions about apps and everything. So that's why I had to go offline for those five days, but I mean, to be honest with you, when used properly and this is a big thing that people are not very good at, we need to use these social media apps for us and not let them use us off.

Instagram has been great I get clients from all over the world for my coaching work through Instagram and I meet an amazing people through it and I connect with amazing people like yourself.

Q4: What are your challenges in harmonizing work and life? And how do you manage them?

A: Yeah, great question and for me, like, I'm looking at my My office quote office is here in my kitchen in my living room. So it's all one-bedroom condo and Vancouver's so fortunate but it's it is it's all linked together. And for me, what I've done lately is, you know, I'm trying to live my dream life right now I'm working towards it each and every day. And a big part of that is, what do I want my dream day to look like? And let's start doing that right now. And so for me, I had it broken down into four separate three-hour segments throughout the day.

As long as you know, I keep the work and the messaging and the emailing in one part. And I keep my creative part in the afternoon and I keep my learning and my socializing in the evening. As long as I can follow those things and keep coming back to what's my dream day. And why aren't Why are you getting out of that? Why are you worrying about messaging people at nighttime or why are you doing this when you don't need to just stick to that, that whatever your dream day is, whatever that looks like, stick to that and Should have clear sailing.

Q5: What advice would you give an entrepreneur that you wish you'd known starting out?

A: Patience, please, please be patient. you're just like, it's really you know, I've almost been a year into this, this new world and you're planting seeds, you're planting seeds and seeds take time to grow, be patient, water those seeds, build relationships, build relationships in the real world, on the contacts that you already have. And yes, spend some time in the online world nurturing new relationships. Don't spend all your Your effort in the online world when you have all these people in the real world that can already help and support you, but building that patience for me, you know, I have a lot of people do this, they overestimate what they can achieve in the short term, but underestimate what they can achieve in the long term. And so within that, the subtleties within that really have the patience, really keep the end game in mind, know where you're going and really enjoy this whole process, of watering your garden and watering your seeds.

Q6: What is your definition of success?

A: Hmm, good one. I meant to spend some time with that question last weekend but for me, it's really doing what I want working, who I want travelling where I want eating what I want. Having that it all rolls into freedom and also within that, not the freedom just to be on vacation the whole time, but the freedom to live that life to live that dream life to help people out to do that meaningful your purpose work to inspire others to have incredible meaningful connections and conversations to build a incredible family just get clear then I'm you know, I can rattle these things off because I've been spending time getting clear on what I want to manifest you know what stages I want to be on the success of my I want my book to have how I want to impact and lift people up. You know, a lot of people don't take the time to take that step in the beginning and what all that rolls into is Yeah, just the freedom to really live densely to live full and fully express ourselves and just feel life each and every day.

Special Bonus

After the show, Michael contacted me with a special bonus for all of my amazing listeners so you can get the maximum results from the content that we shared during the interview. I am sure you will find this extremely useful.

Connecting with Michael Tranmer

Michael mentions during the show that he does his best work on Instagram and I have to admit I am an avid follower of the work he does and the channel. I can recommend his feed where you will find golden nuggets of information being shared all the time, not to mention the fitness regime he has is mind-boggling 🙂

Find him on Instagram or his website

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Michael Tranmer
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