023 – Martin Laschkolnig: Remember Whats Important 

 March 1, 2017

By  Geoff

Remembering Whats important

Martin Laschkolnig is an entrepreneur and expert for developing potential, self-esteem and motivation. He is perceived as one of Europe‘s best new speakers. His excellent, almost accent-free English is easily understood by all kinds of multi-cultural audiences.

Martin has been authorised by Jack Canfield, one of the legends in the field of human potential work and author of “The Success Principles” to speak and hold seminars on “The Success Principles“ in Europe.

Martin represents the International Council for Self-Esteem in Austria and is the 2015-2017 President of the German Speakers Association and a board member of the Global Speakers Federation.

Combining Western economic education and decades of entrepreneurial experience leading large teams with years of philosophical studies with Tibetan Buddhist monk scholars in India, Martin understands perfectly what people and corporations need in these changing times. He offers a fresh perspective and practical solutions for these challenging times.

Guest Recommendation:

  • Book: The Success Principles – Jack Canfield
  • App: Trip it

Website: www.martinlaschkolnig.com
Email: info@martinlaschkolnig.com

Twitter: twitter.com/MLSuccess
Facebook: facebook.com/MLaschkolnig
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in//laschkolnig

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