Lessons from a Unicycler 

 September 17, 2014

By  Geoff


I was driving on my way home from a coaching session today, the sun was shining and loads of people were out enjoying the heat wave and then I saw him, it took me by surprise and I had to double take, this guy was riding down the road on a unicycle.  A lot of people were laughing at him and a few people were swearing and calling him names, but he carried on with a smile on his face.

This got me thinking about our own journey in life, how many of us would like to embrace our uniqueness and do the things we would love to do without the fears of what other people may think or say, it could be anything maybe you want to be more creative, play a musical instrument, start photography, take up painting or perhaps you would love to start your own business and create the lifestyle that allows you to have the work and family balance you desire.

Whatever it is you want to achieve in your life you need to be willing to ride your metaphorical unicycle, to make your own unique way to your ultimate goal, to be willing to do something different no matter what others may say to you, to stand tall and pull yourself away from those naysayers, so you can see the huge benefits that your uniqueness can have in your career and life.  So enjoy the ride and make sure you make the most out of life.

Remember: It’s time to stop existing and start living the life you imagines

Please comment below, How are you or could you embrace your uniqueness?

To your Success!

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