010 – Kristi Staab: Put the Rock in your Role 

 November 30, 2016

By  Geoff

A Coach Who Helps Assists You to Build a Rock n Roll Life

Kristi Staab is driven by her passion help people from around the globe transform into strong, impactful, positive, and influential leaders, Kristi has been developing individuals, teams, and organizations to excellence in the areas of leadership, sales, and success for over 25 years, with a straightforward leadership philosophy, “Being a rock star is an attitude. It’s a state of being. It’s a choice. It’s raising your hand and committing to being an elite performer, playing at the highest level, reaching the pinnacle of your chosen profession, and modelling excellence consistently to inspire and empower others to do the same.”

When you’re a rock star, you’re a standout. A game changer. A motivator. A leader. Rock is so synonymous with success that when someone outshines expectations, over delivers a performance, or turns the ordinary into extraordinary, we say, “You rock!” By sharing her innovative and inspiring Lead Like a Rock Star™ approach, you and your team will discover, hone, and put into action the rock star leader within. It’s what Kristi refers to as “Put the rock in your role.”

Kristi provides an all-access pass to everything she’s learned from rock stars in music, sports, entertainment, and business over the past 25 years—how they engage, energize, and impact those around them; connect with and motivate others; and, channel self-direction, action, and excellence into one elite performance after another. She delivers the framework and actionable next steps for you and your team to achieve rock star status in any endeavour.

You can find more about Kristi with the following links
She also appears as an expert in the book Success University for Women in Business which can be found on Amazon in Kindle and paperback

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