129 – Adam & Kerry Anderson: Changing the way families do business

The Survival Guide for Entrepreneurial Couples

Several years ago, Kerry Anderson and her serial-entrepreneur husband Adam made a joint decision for Kerry to leave her career as a pediatric nurse and become a stay-at-home mom to their two children. It wasn’t long before Kerry realized just how challenging this new role was. Between Adam’s intense travel schedule, the ups and downs of owning/operating a business, managing employees, and surviving the occasionally failed startup (and accompanying financial losses), Kerry quickly learned that being an entrepreneurial spouse was not easy. As Adam evolved into a business owner, the stress took its toll on their family. Resentment, distance, and suspicion flooded their marriage, leaving Kerry feeling helplessly trapped.

When she and Adam hit their breaking point, they sought counselling and started down a path of healing. They also developed their own therapeutic strategies, modelled after the business practices & meetings they had grown so accustomed to, and they saw their relationship improve. Over the years, Kerry and Adam met many other young couples who were just starting out in their own businesses, and each had the same question: “How did you do it?”

After sharing the same nuggets of wisdom throughout dozens of conversations, Kerry decided to share her story and insight in In Bed With the Business, a practical survival guide for entrepreneurial couples. Today she and Adam are sharing their journey with couples who may be struggling with the same issues that plagued their own marriage. Through Whole Life Entrepreneurship, Kerry and Adam are building a supportive global community of entrepreneurs and their spouses who can relate and empathize with the struggles they each face, empowering one another to successfully navigate the chaotic world of marriage and entrepreneurship.

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129 - Adam & Kerry Anderson: Changing the way families do business
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