039 – Karim Bishay: Becoming Insanely Efficient

Becoming Insanely Efficient

Karim Bishay helps companies become insanely efficient. His purpose at Living Orgs is to empower organizations towards a clear, agile structure and stronger purpose. He is an industry leading consultant in the areas of Holacracy and building Adaptive Organizations. Karim blends a variety of approaches such as Holacracy, GTD, OKR’s, and Emotional Intelligence to help companies find a system that works well for them. Over the past few years, Karim has helped over 20 companies restructure how they organize their teams. While most companies rely on the standard top-down style of management, Karim introduces new organization styles that create more clarity and accountability among the organization.

The end result of Karim’s work with a company is that they become more efficient, have a stronger culture and they can adapt quicker to the changing marketplace.

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