104 – John Hinkle: How to Create a Positive Shift

John Hinkle - The 5 Shift Principles

John Hinkle had a successful career as a global corporate leader building some of the world’s most notable brands, John Hinkle began his own SHIFT journey. After becoming spiritually burned-out and realising that the career he had been building was no longer satisfying, John looked closely at those who were at the top of his field and realised that wasn’t where he ultimately wanted to be, and he certainly didn’t want to compromise himself to get there.

In 2010, during a corporate merger, John had his epiphany. Although he was not ready to jump back into a different corporate role, he realised he was ill-equipped to know what other opportunities he could create for himself. It was then that he met many other mid-aged corporate workers who fell into the ‘working worried’ category: not financially able to retire, no longer feeling vital or safe in their careers, knowing they’re not finished yet... but also stuck as a result of not knowing how to take their next steps.

So John Hinkle developed the five SHIFT Principles to help himself and others successfully manage the transformation process ahead of them. After successfully navigating his own personal SHIFT journey, John was inspired to share the knowledge, insight, and perspective he gained along the way. Since then, John has been pursuing his life’s purpose and passion through his coaching organisation, SHIFT Principles Group, as well as through his #1 Amazon bestselling book, Shift: Moving from Where You Are to the Life You Want, in which he empowering readers with big dreams to chase their goals and achieve success.

Geoff's Thoughts

I really enjoyed this interview, John was a fantastic guest and the principles that we discussed have been proven time and time again, John added his own interprutations to them and explained them fantastically.

  • S - Seek Advice
  • H - Honour your Past
  • I - Investigate Options
  • F - Focusing on your purpose
  • T - Take Ownership

To find our more about them you will have to listen to the show, as I mentioned during the show some of these might be obvious but

Books & Apps Mentioned During the Show:

  • Book - Getting Naked
  • Book - The One Thing
  • App - List Note (Transcriber)

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