154 – Joanna Kleinman: Dethrone Your Inner Critic

Joanna Klienman

Life & Corporate Coach

With over 25 years of experience in therapy and life coaching, Joanna Kleinman (LCSW) is a nationally recognized expert in personal transformation. She guides her clients away from the comfort zones that keep them safe and small and into their Authentic Selves, the place where purpose, innovation, and fulfilment live.

Through her signature Dethroning Your Inner Critic online and in-person
programs and her unique M.I.N.D. Method, Joanna’s moment-to-moment
interactions boldly model this shift first hand. With equal parts heart-based
presence and laser-sharp focus, she interrupts “business-as-usual” to help
people to uncover deeply rooted blind spots, question what is held as “the
truth”, and relentlessly step into their brilliance.

Joanna’s groundbreaking approach helps you rewire the automatic ways you think and act by breaking the habit of giving energy and attention to your Inner Critic’s constant chatter. Joanna is also the host of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast, where each week she takes listeners along on her journey and gives them insight on how to take their Inner Critics off their thrones so they can live their most empowered, happy life.

Useful Resources:

  • Book: A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle
  • Apps: Audible
  • Apps: Insight Timer
  • Apps: Blinkist
  • Website: Scribd.com

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Connect with Joanna Kleinman

To find out more about Joanna Kleinman you can visit her website there you will find all this social media information and you can also listen to her podcast Dethroning your Inner Critic and you can purchase her book as well

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Joanna Klienman
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