071 – Jess Ostroff: Panic Proofing your Business with a Virtual Assistant 

 February 14, 2018

By  Geoff

Jess Ostroff and Working with a Virtual Assistant

Jess Ostroff is the proud Director of Calm at Don’t Panic Management, the first virtual assistant agency to embody a people-first approach to virtual assistant success. Since 2011, she’s been making matches between chaotic, overworked entrepreneurs and focused, calm virtual assistants. Offering services that span from administrative assistance to marketing support, she finds deep joy in making a difference through service. When she’s not speaking, writing, or researching productivity hacks, you can find Jess trying new recipes, tasting wine, searching for the next great music festival to attend, or playing with her labradoodle, Hummus.

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Connect with Jess Ostroff

If you’re looking to connect with Jess and find out more about working with a virtual assistant then you can visit her at www.jessostroff.com where you can find her social media links and of course don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of her brilliant book Panic Proof.

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