153 – Jack Stafford: The Self Help Songwriter

Jack Stafford

Thought Provoking Lyrics

Jack Stafford is a British singer-songwriter renowned for his thought-provoking lyrics. He is on a mission to use his songs to serve others and help people overcome the manipulative, materialistic message that is distorting modern society. Jack’s new album Deeper is a series of self-help songs that will help people get perspective on the current Corona crisis. The songs are inspired by his own life experiences and mental struggles. Jack previously lived a toyboy lifestyle in Amsterdam, working as a copywriter, musician, and fashion designer.

However, this led to burnout and breakdown, so Jack set off on a bicycle tour through 45 countries as a nomadic troubadour, playing over 700 house concerts in return for a place to sleep. Jack grew through all these experiences, countless self-help books and podcasts, and Vipassana meditation.

As a documentary songwriter and modern-day troubadour, he writes non-fictional songs with a goal of instructing, educating, or maintaining a historical record. Jack lives in seclusion in southern Italy. When not making music, he is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, meditation teacher, Acroyoga dilettante, permaculture gardener, touring cyclist, founder of Copywriter Collective, student of metaphysics and Italian representative of The Aetherius Society.

Useful Resources:

  • Contact your higher self through yoga - Dr George King

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Connect with Jack Stafford

To find out more about Jack Stafford and his foundation you can visit his website there you will find all this social media information and you can also head over to Spotify to listen to some of his songs. Jack has also got a podcast of his own called Podsongs so make sure you take a listen to his show.

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Jack Stafford
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