Challenging my own fear and Why I need to blog

I like you have things that I am frightened to do, things that if I let them win would stop me from pursuing the life I want to lead and the person I want to become.  I am sure there are things that you don't do not because you don't want to but because the fear of failing.

The day has come, and I am as nervous as hell in overcoming lifelong struggle, but I feel it only right that I confess to this because I think that transparency in my own personal challenges is important.

This is not an excuse but the very reason I am starting the blog, I have hated writing since I was a child struggling at school because I was unable to read, tell the time and spell because of my dyslexia. Now I find myself sitting in front of my laptop starting to write this blog.

We all have things we must challenge on a day to day basis if we want to grow and level up our lives, for some, it is losing weight, creating a video or meeting new people. The success that you are pursuing, the life that you dream of achieving is most likely to be a current stretch in fact for some they may not have any idea how they are going do reach that vision.

Like you I to have to level up to achieve my vision, which in its simplest form is to help people like you to live the best version of themselves and enjoy an exceptional life. That means that I need to share my ideas and concepts to you the reader, or the other types of ways I can deliver content.

This simple little thing that causes enormous and long arguments in my head has tried on many time to stop me, but if there is something that is important to you, then you need to be willing to challenge those fear and pluck up the courage to challenge it every day.

My aim is to write practice this as often as I can so to get better, I am nervous about the grammar police, but you know what at least I am working on it. I apologise in advance for the spelling mistakes (this is the only one you will get) but look past that and see the messages and strategies I am sharing that are aimed to assist you in reaching your highest potential.

Have you got any fears that are stopping you from being the best version of you, share them with me and we can work through them together.

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