Removing Distractions

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How to remove distractions and boost your productivity

We live in a world that is always distracting us; some studies have shown that our ability to focus is decreasing because of the amount of information that is sent to us daily combined with the compulsion some of us feel to review and respond immediately.

When we are interrupted during a period of concentration even if only for a moment, such as a glance to check your phone or to look up at your screen to see what is happening on your social media feeds, it can take between 25 to 35 mins to return to that same previous level of concentration.

With that in mind, I wonder how often you are reaching your optimal level of productivity because of the distractions around you, whether you work from home or in an office and you want to increase your productivity here are some strategies to assist you.

  • Schedule Slots: Of course, there are times when you are going to be interrupted however successful business owners plan their time wisely, by creating specific focus slots during your week that are designed to maximise your productivity and minimise distraction you will be able to achieve so much more. Scheule them in your diary like you do any other important task or appointment.
  • Remove distractions: switch your phone to silent, your computer on do not disturb and close all screens that are not relevant to your focus period tasks, yes that means social media, email, SMS, Youtube and movie (some people have them playing in the background), etc. It can be challenging at the start but you will be able to increase your focus and that means you get more done.
  • Educate people: I work from home so most of the time I do not have a problem with distractions because my wife and kids are not in the house, but holidays can be a challenge.  We have a rule that if my office door is shut it means do not bother me unless it is an emergency if you work in an open office then perhaps putting headphones on is a good way to let the people around you that you do not want to be disturbed.  For this to work you need to educate your staff or family that this is being implemented and if you encourage your team or staff use this strategy as well remember to respect their DND (Do not disturb) time.

It is amazing how many people have reported getting more done when they have adopted these strategies; they will feel a bit strange at first as you are learning new skills so persevere for the pursuit of success.

Just think you get more done in less time which also means you can leave the office at a respectable time and spend some more quality time with your family a win-win.

Would love to hear about how you remove distractions from your day so you can be more focused.

Wishing you the greatest success.

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