146 – David Jenyns: Systemology

David Jenyns auhtor of Systemology

Using Systems in your business

David’s entrepreneurial journey begins back in his early 20’s when he sold
Australia’s most loved sporting ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Since then, his business experience spans from franchising retail clothing
stores, to founding one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies,

In 2016, he successfully systemised himself out of the business, hired a CEO
and stepped back from the daily operations. Through this process, he became a systems devotee – founding systemHUB & SYSTEMology.

Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business. Recognised as a high achieving entrepreneur, you will find many of David’s keynote presentations on YouTube including TEDx, WordCamp and Problogger.

Useful Resources:

Connect with David Jenyns

You can find out more about the great work David does by visiting his website www.systemology.com and of course on all the popular social media channels. You can also listen to his podcast if you would like to learn more about more of what we discussed in this interview.

Systemology Book

Finding out more about Geoff Nicholson and Success IQ

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David Jenyns auhtor of Systemology
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