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The Daily Greatness Planner could be a game changer

Here we are again, another year is coming to a close, and a new one is just around the corner, for many of you it might be a time to wind down to spend time with the family.  Perhaps you look forward to letting your hair down and kick back for a few days enjoying the celebrations or maybe it is just taking some time out to recharge your batteries.

Relaxing and enjoying life is a fundamental element to success, but this time of year it is also essential to plan on creating success for the upcoming year.  I'm not talking about new year's resolutions; I am speaking about drawing up a plan of action that is going to transform your life and business. Cliche? Maybe, but one thing I know from experience is that the difference between success and mediocrity is that successful people plan.

No! I hear you cry I don't want conformity or structure; I am a creative that's why I set off on my own, to run away from all of that structure bollocks, let me assure you I understand.   I felt like that for many years, but I now understand the importance of planning, not only from the performance and productivity level but also from a strategic one as well.

Which brings me to the topic of this post, for years I have carried with me every day a trusty moleskin notebook, it comes with me everywhere I use it in combination with my insatiable love for apps and technology to create and record valuable information.  Quite often this means I am forever juggling between the notebook and the vast amount of apps I am collecting relevant data on.

Earlier this year I met up with a good friend of mine and as we were discussing our businesses he pulled out this big colourful book (well not that big) as we discussed his business he was accessing critical information with ease.

I asked him if I could look at this book and I was amazed at how much thought had gone into this business planner from the design to the information that could be recorded in the pages. I loved it and decided that for the upcoming year I would invest in one myself, to improve my planning and to experiment with it as an exercise in productivity and efficiency.

FI daily planner

Over the last week, I have been in my "next year planning" phase which consists of taking a strategic look at the business, the targets, scheduling my content and social media strategies as well as product launches. I also block out personal and family time; I have found this Business Planner by Daily Greatness as a game changer for several reasons.

The first thing that hits me about this business planner is that it is bold and beautiful, the colour bright and vibrant because there is nothing more mundane than business black or brown, the bright yellow screams to me open me you won’t regret it. When you open it you are welcomed by a series of jazzy filler pages, empowering quotes and some brilliant information on the importance of critical habits, attitudes and best practices for using the planner.

The book has been split into sections at the beginning is the strategic pages, the designers have really thought this through. As a coach and performance specialist, I am always talking about vision, planning and recording vital information that helps you and your business grow.  Daily Greatness has done just that, by including essential things such as 1-page business plans, the business model canvas, vision and goal planners as well as a social media planner, expansion strategy sheets and areas to record critical financial information.

Then the second section focuses on the day to day plan; again this has been well thought out each week consists of 5 pages a weekly priority planner, an action planner, a week spread over two pages followed by a weekly check-in. What I think sets this planner apart from others are the questions within these important five pages.

As I am sure you are aware, owning a business can be let's say, a little challenging and a lonely existence at times, like life, it has its ups and downs. As a coach, I look at supporting my clients in maintaining a high level of performance within their business and an increase of life fulfilment.

This planner assists you in doing that because it focuses on many of the key areas that I teach in my Success IQ programs, it explores and highlights some of the softer some would say fluffier side of real success and thank God it does. These are often the areas that are frequently missed or ignored by so many business owners and as a result, can stall their success and overall happiness. These questions assist you in becoming more aware of critical information, the last page of each week is my favourite as it focuses on reflecting on what has happened over the week which hopefully you can use to learn from and grow.

For me this is one of the best planners I have seen, it is perfect for any entrepreneur as it combines the great practices that are required to give you an excellent overview and direction as well as the quite often ignored power of reflection all located in one place.

I am looking forward to using this although I have to admit I will still be using it in conjunction with my digital brain Evernote, after all we all need to find our own system that supports us to move forward in a beneficial way.

I would love to hear what you think makes a good business planner or diary, please share or send me comments I always love hearing from you.

Let me also take this time to wish you the greatest success and all the best for the upcoming year may it bring you health, wealth and happiness.

For those who are interested in this planner, the website is and there also on Twitter @dailygreatness

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