012 – Col Gray: Creating a Brand that Connects

Creating a Strong Brand that Connects

Col Gray is a graphic & brand designer whose passion for branding is as big as his beard! He is the owner and head honcho of Pixels Ink design studio in Dundee.

With 19 years of commercial design experience under his signature baseball cap, Col helps his clients tell their story through branding, creating deeper, meaningful connections with their customers.

Col is now making moves into the video realm with his YouTube channel where he helps people to understand the basics of graphic and brand design as well as helping people to communicate more easily with designers and to raise the profile of graphic design as a valued service.

Col has no awards, no book deals, and no corporate sponsors…but, he does own a great collection of 80’s and 90’s comic books, is a Sci-Fi geek and is a metal DJ in his spare time.

Apps: Calendar and Adobe Kuler

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Col Gray
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