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The Success IQ KickStart

  • Do you have your own personal definition of success? Or do you feel that you are drifting and that you are no longer in control of your own life?
  • Are you seizing every opportunity and excited to get out of bed every morning? 
  • Or do you feel unfulfilled and stuck in a rut?
  • Do you excel at what you do? Or are you unsure of how to unlock your own special talents?

Then this is your opportunity to break out and kick mediocrity in the nuts – and start living (and loving!) your life with a SUCCESS IQ. For attendees of the Kick Mediocrity workshop only I am offering a very special package to transform your results, increase your performance and allow you to start living the life that you deserve.Sound good? 

More about the program…

Ready to find out more?  The Success IQ Kickstart has been designed with you in mind.  Working one to one with me across three INTENSIVE sessions we will map out your personal success plan, unlock what’s holding you back and identify your next level success.  More importantly I will hold you accountable so that you ‘do the work’ to make the change and transform your life.  No fluff, no debate – this is for people who are SERIOUS about driving a difference.

The Sessions 

In only three sessions with me, you will build your own success mindset.

Session One – your personal pathway

What does success mean to you? In this session we will explore what you REALLY want to achieve – professionally, personally – and passionately! Using the Success IQ method we will map out your plan together – and agree what steps you will take to start your Success IQ transformation.

Session Two – what’s stopping you?

In this session we’ll identify your roadblocks and I’ll share my unique strategies to allow you to fast track your development. This is the time to take a deep breath and start to embrace the boldest version of yourself – and make yourself accountable for your next actions.

Session Three – the next level

Now that you are on the journey this session will push you further than you ever thought possible to build the life that you want to lead. Working with the Success IQ framework this is the opportunity to dream bigger and brighter than ever before – and push to the next level with a clear roadmap, a set of effective strategies and a success mindset.

Each sessions is one to one – so uniquely tailored for you, and runs to 90 minutes. I’d love to spend this time with you to transform your results.

I would love for you to join me on this journey to unlock your success, so to grab your spot hit the button.

Let’s Kick mediocrity together!



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They say..

Carrie Armstrong

Carrie Armstrong

Professional Speaker

Asking Geoff to Coach me is the best decision I have ever made. Geoff has a collection of tools in his Coaching arsenal like no other Coach you will ever meet. There is not one area of my life that Geoff has not enabled me to make a strong improvement and change in.

Laura Stewart

Laura Stewart

Author / Radio Host

A friend suggested I reach out to Geoff for a mindset issue I was having and I am so glad I did. On our first call he helped me pinpoint my issue and gave me tools to clear it. He was so powerfully effective I had him on my iHeart radio show and my guests loved him

Richard Tubb Testimonial

Richard Tubb

IT Business Growth Expert

Geoff has become my “go to” guy for advice and guidance on personal development, performance and positive mental health. Geoff is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of performance coaching. More than this, Geoff is a real “go-giver” giving his time and experience to help others become better people.