033 – Alasdair McGill: Creating Customer Experience

Creating a Great Customer Experience

I have only known Ali McGill for about 6 months but he is a true gent and an expert when it comes to creating a great customer experience.

More about my guest Alasdair McGill

Alasdair McGill has been in business for over 25 years, running design-led, customer-focused businesses in a variety of sectors. From the initial setup to the running and growing of these businesses, he has gained a wealth of experience and uses this insight to help business owners create better organisations.

Through his consultancy, Ashton McGill, he shares his wisdom in areas such as customer experience, service design and employee experience, offering practical tips and strategies to businesses to help improve their relationship with clients.

“For many of my clients, I'm their sounding board - an experienced entrepreneur that they can bounce things off.”

Starting his career as a trainee accountant with Ernst & Young back in 1989, he followed on from this as Director for a group of companies operating in Construction, IT and Leisure for eight years. Between 2001 and 2012 he held Director roles in various companies providing interim management solutions; quality and environmental services; and accounting, tax and payroll services to self-employed professionals. He also held the position of Head of Enterprise & Entrepreneurial Strategy at the University of Dundee between 2014-2016 as well as being a Board Member for Scottish Cycling within the same period.

Apart from running Ashton McGill, Alasdair is also Director of several businesses such as Family Golf & Leisure Ltd, GS-Group, Tinto Architecture Ltd and co-founder of LowerYourScores.com. He is the Entrepreneur in Residence for the University of Dundee and a Board Member of Circle Scotland CIC. 

As an ‘in-demand’ speaker, he regularly presents at events and conferences around Europe. He hosted TEDx at the University of Dundee in 2015 and was co-organiser of the 2016 TEDx Dundee event.

Alistair takes a modern approach to running his businesses, instilling his values and beliefs and ensuring that they do not fall into industry stereotypes. He injects a positive energy and vibrancy into creating a fun environment for both his clients and staff and uses the principles of Service Design to help generate ideas and solutions that solve business problems.

“Service Design is still a very new discipline, which means that very few people know what it is or the benefits that it can bring to an organisation.”

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