A 5 minute Morning Routine that will change your days forever

The Morning Routine to Transform your Day

How we start our day is so important, it sets us up for how we feel and the actions we take. Have you ever had that experience when you've woken up in the morning and felt angry, you're not quite sure where the feeling has come from, but you know you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

When you go down to greet your family you know that your fuse is slightly shorter, when you get in the car and drive to work you may find you're driving a little more aggressively and when you go to work you're more abrupt in your conversations or not as productive as you'd like to be.

Of course we all have good and bad days, but what if you could learn a strategy that could make every day more positive, you can start your day with an upbeat zesty attitude, the results can be quite staggering, more smiling, laughing, engagement in conversation the feeling of being more relaxed and getting more done, that would be great yeah?

What if I could tell you that by practising the strategies included in this blog you can achieve all that, and it can take less than five minutes, I know, hard to believe and to be honest I once thought it was impossible to feel any happy emotions at all in my life.

Before I share this strategy with you I guess the first question is, would you be willing to dedicate the time to learn and develop your mindset, to purposefully create a positive attitude It's been my experience over the last 10 years, those people who want to live an amazing and exceptional life are willing to put the time and energy into learning the relevant skills.

Starting your day right became such an important part of my healing process, the reason is simple I used to fear waking up and dealing with another day racked with pain throughout my body, the depressive slump that I would experience and the pain of having to live through my personal version of Groundhog day.

I mentioned in the video about called Wow it's been ten years my darkest point in life and a crucible moment, a time of my life when I decided to make some radical changes about how I viewed the world and most importantly my mindset.

Over the years I have come to realise that how I start the day is key to how I show up throughout it, I believe that a positive shake-up in the morning is key for developing a healthy and strong mindset as well as improving your wellbeing and as important as a good healthy breakfast is for your body.

Using Music:

Music has a way of speaking to us on so many levels, have you noticed how certain tunes will spark off either the feeling of happiness or memories, your childhood, great holidays or other special occasions, if music has the ability to rapidly change how you feel then you should be using it to your advantage. Take some time and create an upbeat morning playlist which is filled with songs that make you want to sing and dance.

My Alarm in the morning blasts out I feel good by James Brown, as I get ready in the morning I set my apple music playlist called upbeat and ready to go which has all types of music some with have great beats like Supposition by Stevie Wonder but I 'm a sucker for great lyrics so I have Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and an artist I love called Tim McMorris, of course, you will have different ones than me.  The right music will make you feel great, you will want to dance and sing to your heart's content I do (as long as my wife and kids can't see me).

Pep Talk:

How you speak to yourself has a direct correlation to how you feel and act, the two voices that are heard in your head are called the inner critic and inner coach, A morning Pep talk is a great way to build and strengthen your inner coach and make it the dominate voice you hear, but the pep talk is so much more than just the words you are saying.

Your posture also is a major factor in how you feel. A posture that slumps also suppresses how you feel it promotes tiredness, whereas a posture that is more open and upright creates more energy and confidence which in turn will create a more positive feeling.  I believe that the best way to practice this is by standing in front of the mirror, this can be challenging but is the best way to check your congruency and if you are seeing how you are saying the words of encouragement.

Of course, what you say to yourself is key, remember it has to be positive and inspiring to you I suggest that you think about what you would love to hear people say to you.  Write it down and then read it back to yourself, don't worry if it feels stupid or fake this is normal.  There is a great example on Youtube and I absolutely love it.

Review Goals:

People who live with purpose and who are serious about creating success in their lives understand the importance of making and more importantly achieving goals.  By taking the time every morning to recap on your life goals you never forget what you are aiming for, it maintains your focus and helps maintain that forward momentum, I do this in the morning when having breakfast because I don't want to watch the news as usually it is filled with negative rubbish that is not going to have a massive impact on my life directly, you might find reviewing them on your commute to the office may be more useful.

The important part of this exercise is when you read your goals take a moment to stop and think or visualise what it will be like when you achieved them, it creates most potent emotions and is a great booster to your motivation.

Please remember that is habit takes time to develop but I have seen amazing results with my clients, feel free to tweak it because the point is about creating a great morning routine that resonates with you rather than mine being right for you, I look forward to hearing about your strategies.




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