172 – Sky Stephens: Co-Founder of the Association of Professional Builders

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The importance of systems in your business

About Sky Stephens

Sky Stephens is the co-founder of the Association of Professional Builders, a business coaching company dedicated to improving the residential construction industry for both builders and consumers. Sky is a firm believer that residential home builders deserve to be earning more money for the service they are providing and that consumers deserve a superior service than they currently receive. The problem is the difficulty of delivering world-class service on tiny margins, or without having the proper systems in place.

In order to maximise client experience and overcome these difficulties, the Association Of Professional Builders helps builders systemise their building company. The result is an improved client experience which leads to more demand. This allows an increase in margins and ultimately the ability to scale their businesses into desirable building companies that possess real value and can be sold as an asset.

Connecting with Sky Stephens

If you would like to find out more about Sky and APB please visit there website where you will find her social media information and of course, you can find her on LinkedIn.

Grab the bonus content from Sky. Also, don't forget to grab a copy of her new book "Professional Builders Secrets" which you can grab from Amazon.

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Resources mentioned

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