151 – Kate Gare: Mindset Coach

Kate Gare

Empowering Women

Kate Gare is an award-winning Transformation and Mindset Coach and Trainer who typically supports professional women to thrive no matter what happens. She is a burnout and resilience expert and is the founder of The Live Powerfully Programme as well as one of the world’s most experienced Lightning Process Practitioners. 

Using proven methods including the science of the mind-body connection and positive psychology approaches, over the past 15 years she has supported more than 1,000 women to climb back from burnout, or avoid it in the first place, so they can live happier, more resilient lives and flourish. 

As we are on the edge of a mental health crisis her work is even more needed. Kate believes passionately that everyone deserves to have agency in shaping a life they love and she is on a mission to support another 1,000 women over the next two years. 

She was awarded a scholarship from the Visionary Business School and another award for The Most Empowering Life Coach 2020 for her work supporting and championing women to live more powerful lives and is soon to be co-author of a book on energy. 

As a burnout and heart failure survivor herself, she has clients from all over the world and lives with her husband and six-year-old twins on the south coast of the UK. The sea is her peaceful place.

Useful Resources:

  • Book – Biology of Beliefs - Bruce Lipton
  • App – Heart Maths
  • App - Google Calendar

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Connect with Kate Gare

I have known Kate for many years and she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this field, you can find out more about what she does at Everylife website where you can also find her social media and contact information. Don't forget if you’d like a copy of her ‘Creating Healthy Boundaries: A Beginner’s Guide

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Kate Gare
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