150 – Krister Ungerbock: Leadership Language Expert

Krister Ungerböck

Employee Connection

Krister Ungerböck is a successful tech CEO who has been featured in national publications such as NPR, Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur for his practical, unconventional communication insights on compassionate leadership, emotional intelligence and employee engagement. His unique
insights are informed by real-world experience leading teams in three languages while growing a global company 3,000% (from $1M to $30M).

It was in his lowest moment that Krister was asked the question that ultimately led him to the discovery of the universal communication tools
called Talk SHIFTs.

Useful Resources:

  • Book – Non-violent communication :
  • App – Facebook Ad Manager
  • If you are seeking to improve your relationships with employees, you can focus on enhancing your performance by taking interpersonal skills training that could help you learn new practices and skills to manage any situation you may encounter at work

Connect with Krister Ungerbock

If you would like to find out more about Krister Ungerbock then you can follow her on social media or visit his website. Of course, don’t forget about his book 22 Talk Shifts book which you can purchase on Amazon. Don't forget the quiz that Krister mentioned during the episode

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Krister Ungerböck
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