116 – Lifes Curve Balls

So I am back. I have been silent for a couple of months and you will find out later on the show why, but before we get into that, let me tell you what we have lined up for season two. You will note that we are talking about seasons now. Basically what I've decided to do is break this show down into seasons too and change things up a little bit, let's just say that. Things will become apparent later on. But I want to tell you the kind of things that you are going to be able to look forward to for season two.

Upcoming in Season 2

So in the upcoming shows we are speaking to Tony Bradshaw, who is the author of The Millionaire Choice. He's going to talk about his journey into just deciding that he wanted to become a millionaire and how he supports other people into doing that, and some great knowledge bombs from him. We've also got a lady called Sarah [Nochid 00:01:24] and she talks about working with virtual teams and making sure that you're getting the best out of them, which is in this day and age with the way we can communicate with people all over the world, it's certainly the way that I'm going is more working with virtual teams on a global scale. She gives some absolute gems of information that can really help you sort of get focused on exactly how you're going to hire and who you need to look for and the things to really pay attention to.

We've also then got, which was truly inspirational for me to have him on the show, Rock Thomas. Rock got me to think about things in a very, very different way, and the episode was absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed that. If you want to know more about Rock then what you could jump over to, he's got an amazing Goalcast video. Just search for Goalcast and Rock Thomas. He's definitely someone that you want to listen to later on in the season.

We've got Stephanie Scapa. Now Stephanie has a company that is taking on the monsters like iTunes and Spotify, and it is brilliant just listening to a story about how they wanted to develop it, the whole idea behind it and actually having that courage to be able to go, "Okay, we're going to take these guys on," and you must listen to that one because the platform's called Wave and if you listen to the show you'll also get access to a discount code that will give you some discount onto that platform as well.

Also we have Matt Malouf, and Matt is a business coach, and we discussed sort of mindset and he is also the author of The Stop Doing List, which is something I really, really love. That's some of the guests that you can look forward to hearing in season two. Now just talking about the way we're changing, you'll notice that all of a sudden I've told you about the people that are coming on the show. It's one of the reasons why I wanted to change this. Over the last couple of months has been some challenges going on with the family and health. My son has been unwell for a while and we've been trying to get him sorted, and based on the fact that we're now trying to get him sorted, I'm having to jump from different parts of the country to get that treatment for him.

Why the Change

So the challenge of doing a weekly show, just speak and then put it out there was becoming a little bit of a challenge. My wife also had a health scare, that has been sorted and she's fine now, nothing came up. It was just a load of worrying. I've done my back in, I've got a prolapsed disc, and some degenerate stole my identity and I had to get that all sorted out. So it's been an interesting couple of months. So much so this episode's called Life's Curveballs because it is one of those things that you never know what to expect. You can be mentally prepared and you can be as positive and in some ways as stoic as possible in dealing with situations. But when it comes down to the family, everything will just get dropped for that.

Shows new format

So I apologise for the gap, but in order to make it better for you and in order to give you a better consistency, what I've decided to do is break the show down into seasons. So basically the format is really, really simple. Obviously, unfortunately for some of you, you have got me as your host as usual, but what we're doing is we're alternating between, I've got some great feedback from some listeners saying that they'd like to hear me more answer some Q and A questions or talk about some of the things that have cropped up that are relevant to help you guys make some improvements and go out there and create that exceptional life. So in order to do that, what we've done is alternatively we're going to have a host session show, which is just with me, answering questions, and then we're going to have a guest every other show.

The way that that does is it still, because I love doing the interviews, I love speaking and meeting people who are really interesting and have some great knowledge that they can share with you. Obviously I can learn as well. But also I think it's really important to share some of my insights and my experiences to be able to give you that platform, to be able to share those messages and stuff. So that is what we are going to do. The format is really, really simple. Everything is going to be normal apart from sort of the host only shows, they're going to be shorter, probably roundabout 20 minutes. Literally little update and then all of a sudden we're going to answer a question from a guest.

Whoever sends that, whether it's going to be a guest who emails me from listening, sorry, answering questions from maybe someone like yourselves who have just sent an email in asking a question, or maybe it's a question that I got asked while I'm having a coaching session or even speaking at a business show or something like that. So ultimately it doesn't change anything. It's just going to be a slightly different format. They're going to be about 15 episodes of the season and then we're going to have a week's break and then we're going to go into season three.

The the other reason why I'm doing this, and actually one of the biggest lessons that is a takeaway for you guys, is the huge benefit of batching and blocking time out. Now, I'm a huge advocate for this. What I found was is I was doing it for a lot of things when it came to the podcast, but not everything. Having all of a sudden the challenge of trying to go, okay, I need to go to X, Y and Z with my son to help get him some treatment, to okay, I'm going to do a show record on Monday, edit on Tuesday, and then put it live on Wednesday. Just physically couldn't do that and I love doing the podcast, so I don't want to stop doing the show.

So what I looked at was, is how can we do that? Now we all have tasks that we could properly block and batch together, but what I found was, is that actually if I sat down and I looked and went, okay, I want eight guests for this season, let's go out, let's record them, let's get it all done. Then all of a sudden now what it allows me to do is it gives me that flexibility and it'll give you that flexibility as well.

If you can find those tasks and those jobs that you can just bring all together, whether it is all of a sudden doing your content calendar and making sure that everything's all lined up, whether it's creating posts that you need to put out there in order, not the genuine interaction posts that we should do, but the actual ones that are the nice quotes or the messages or the promos that we need to get done. They can be all done, created, sat in a system and away rather than running helter skelter around that. It takes a huge amount of energy and you don't actually have to do it that way. So the downside is obviously my son's ill and I've got to sort that out, but the upside of that was actually to get me really focused on this is how I need to edit my content out.

Join my Community

So that is really ultimately the gist of things. The other thing that the team and I have been working really, really hard on is the community. We have got thousands of listeners all over the world that listen to this show every single week, and I am truly, truly grateful for you taking the time out to listen to my show. Whether it's for your daily commute, whether it's just you sit down and do it as a bit of your personal development plan, whatever it is I am truly, truly grateful. My wish and my task is let's take that community to the next level, and where I've been slowly growing, I've only got a couple of members and I really want to push that over the next 12 months, is to get the Success IQ Alliance Facebook group really sort of kicked off and to help you guys take your life, your business to the next level to go out there and to create and live the exceptional life.

I don't use that just as a slogan. I truly believe that you are capable of doing that if you are prepared to do the work and do the consistency. But I want you to think about that for a moment. Joining a community with people who are passionate about creating their own version of exceptional, who are really wanting to take their life and everything to the next level but also are looking for other people like that. That's where this community could be so powerful, to be able to have questions that maybe you're going through a challenge at the minute. Maybe it's something that you just feel like you're banging your head on a brick wall and you're not getting anywhere. But to be able to come to a community and ask the questions, whether it's from myself or some of the other members within the community.

Even now we've got some really highly skilled, highly knowledgeable people as part of that community. What I would love to urge you to do is jump over to Facebook. It's a closed group. You just search for Success IQ Alliance, and you can join today and we can build something together that is going to allow us to create our own version of exceptional. So it would be lovely to see you there, and you're probably going to hear, I'm going to mention the community all the time because I really am passionate about getting people on there to help people move to the next level. We're going to have all sorts of different things. We're going to have Q and A sessions, Lives. We're going to interview some of the members, certainly some of the tier one members that we've got on who are my associates.

It's just this community that I really want to grow in order to help you create your Success IQ so you can go out there, and as I love to say, kick mediocrity in the nuts. So that's an important part of the community side as well. I just want to mention that. Jump over to Success IQ Alliance on Facebook. All you need to do is search for that or you can jump over to my website and you can link there. It's really, really simple. So what else have we got? I told you about what's going on in the season. I told you about the new format. I've really told you about the community as well. The other thing is, is what I want to talk about. Let's get down to what it's all about, which is about giving you strategies, tips, and everything about helping you move forward.

I was thinking about when I was planning the show out, I was thinking about those common things that keep coming up on a regular basis. I probably answer two, three, four times a week when I'm at spaces, or quite often when I'm certainly speaking to clients as well.

Keeping Momentum

So the first one that really keeps coming up is about momentum. It's how do I keep moving forward? How do I keep that passion and that drive and that energy of keep moving forward in order for you to succeed in what you want to do. There's a couple of things about that. So momentum is, for me, about small actions. The more and more you do those small tasks, the more and more momentum you get. It's about consistency and really sort of sitting down there and going, "Okay, these are what I need to get done."

So I want you to think, one of the best let's say initial skills that I learned was when I was reading a book by Jack Canfield called The Success Principles. It was one of the books that really got me to love his methodology. It was the things that really got me, oh yeah, okay. These things don't have to be massively challenging. I just have to do the work. The unfortunate thing is that's the reality of it. It's not something that's just going to happen overnight. It's about consistent work. One of Jack Canfield's rules is the rule of five. It's to do five things every single day that is going to move you towards your goals. Now this ultimately falls in line with the way I do my planning. It ultimately falls in line really with any good goal setting or task management system.

But there's the conscious bit that goes, okay, I know when I need to do. Then there's the implementation bit that goes, these are the things I need to get done. I think what's really, really important is when you're looking at that, those goals that you're wanting to achieve, whatever it was. I mean, I'm looking in my studio here and I've got two white boards with all the things that are all my big, big, big goals that I want to get done in the next 12 months. I've got notes and stuff that I need to get done. But the reality is, if I'm just looking at the board, nothing is going to get done. What I need to do is I need to take the things that are on my board and I need to put them somewhere that allows me to go, okay, these are the things that need to get done.

The other thing from that is you need to prioritise that. You need to understand that there's some really top level things that need to get done and then there's the general stuff that just has to get done on a day to day basis. Whether it's you looking at social media side, depending on what's the size of the business, if you're a solo-preneur or someone who's just starting out. There's all of this stuff that you need to get done, but ultimately what you should have is the way I work is you should have three core outcomes. Now I use HIT, I use health income tribe. That's the analogy and that's the method that I use, but what you need to get done is is you need to get done and go, okay, this is what needs to be done. There's my primary task, these are my secondary and these are my tertiary tasks.

They could go on forever really. We know what it's like. My task list looks like, you know, it just seems to be never ending. But what about momentum? So momentum is about looking at that list, looking at the major things that you need to get done and making sure that there is five things that you can do every single day that's going to be moving towards your goal. Now I have my core goal that I do within the day. That's my primary one. That's the one that has to get done. Within that there may be little mini goals within that as well.

But ultimately, if we take it simply, if you just do five things every single day based on that ultimate goal that you want to achieve, imagine what you can accomplish. The thing is, is if you are consistent enough and determined enough and resilient enough to be able to go, okay, these are the five things I need to do every single day. They may differ. There may be, I need to get a live video out every single day, or I may need to do my social major. I need to get a blog out every single day. However it is that you have set your plan to get that done, you need to look at what five things could you do.

In fact while you're listening to this, why don't you just jot down, unless you're driving, please don't do that, write down five things that you could do today that would move you towards your goal. Now once you've written them down, then you've got to do them. Okay? The goal is not writing them down. The goal is accomplishing them every single day. So that's the real simple one about helping you increase momentum. There's a load of other stuff as well, but ultimately what my challenge to you is if we can do something quick and implement, what five things could you do today that's going to move you towards your ultimate goal?

Then if you want to be held accountable, jump over to the community. Join up today and tell us what it is, and then we'll hold you accountable. It all works so smoothly. Okay, so that's a little tip about momentum.


The next one is quite a common one. It's plateauing, you'll see people, it doesn't matter whether they've come to see me for dealing with anxiety or getting back to work and dealing with the resilience side, or whether it's mindset issues. What you find is that as you move forward and as you improve and increase, you will experience plateauing. I first of all really want you to understand that plateauing is perfectly normal. It doesn't mean you're failing. It doesn't mean that you need to work harder. The way that I look at plateauing and how plateauing benefits us, plateauing is allowing us just to start getting a bit more balanced.

It's starting to sort of settle the foundations. It's embedding the stuff that you've learnt and if you want moving it from the conscious thought to the unconscious, you become unconsciously competent. All of a sudden then the skills are just bedding in, and then what you have to make sure that you're doing is you're still going through the process. You're still doing the routines that you've always done. You're still doing the learning that you've always done. What will happen is all of a sudden that plateau will stop, it'll bed, and then you'll start moving up. You'll also experience dips. That's just the way life works, but don't give up just because all of a sudden things just seem to be staying the same. What sometimes happens is as everything starts to stay the same and the plateauing starts, you've got to give it a certain amount of time before you start going, well hang on. What's going on?

Understand that that's part of the process of learning, at least it certainly is from my experience. But the key thing is the consistency. It's the keep on doing what you need to do in order that has brought you to that plateau. Then all of a sudden you'll just find that it settles in. It's almost like a runner getting grip on the ground and then you'll start taking off again. You'll still do the rule of five if we're going to base it on what we've talked about in the show. Still go through the journaling stuff, still do all of that stuff, but all of a sudden you'll take off as well. So that's a really, really important part of understanding that plateauing isn't something that you've done wrong. It's the bedding and then you're moving.

Final Words

So coming to the end of the show, what we've got lined up for you next week. Next week we have Matt Malouf, and Matt is the author of the bestselling book, the Stop Doing List. We're going to talk about all sorts of things like mindset, performance, his experience in business, and obviously we get those gems of knowledge from those questions that I ask every single guest on the show on the hot seat round. So don't forget, if you want to be part of the community, if you would like me to help you on some of the challenges or even some of the other members to help you to be held accountable to doing the things that you need to get done in order to create that exceptional life, jump over to the Facebook group and it is Success IQ Alliance. So just want to take this final opportunity, that was whatever was going on there. Wishing you the greatest success for the week ahead and I look forward to catching you next week. Take care.

So firstly, just let me say a massive thank you to all of you who've taken the time to listen to the show. For those of you who are sending me emails to give me feedback about the show, what you like, what you'd like to see, I am extremely grateful to you all.

I would be really grateful as well if you have time and the inclination to jump over to iTunes and leave a rating and review for the show, it really does help me stay on my mission, which is to help people create and live an exceptional life. Finally, you can get hold of these podcast shows on many different platforms, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify, all of those ones that you probably listen to regularly. All you need to do is hit subscribe and get them straight to your phone, which makes life so much easier. So just finally wishing you an amazing week. Take care and don't forget to keep pursuing the exceptional.

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