114 – Q&A Session

Questions from Listeners

The aim of these sessions are to assist you in achieving your Success IQ and to have the confidence as well as the tools to start building and enjoying your version of the exceptional life.

I often hear your guests tell us about how much time they spend on self development but I can never seem to find the time any suggestions would be great?


Resources Mentioned for this question

  • Blinkist - App
  • Pocket - App and Platform
  • Scibd.com - Audiobooks and Digital Books Website & App
  • Audible - Audiobooks Website
  • Amazon - Website
  • Pep Talk - App
  • Thinkup - App
  • HeadSpace - App
  • Calm - App

Quote of the Day

Work expands so as to fill the time available for completion

Parkinsons Law

This is simple but powerful when you understand that if you have not set specific time frames around a task often you will fill whatever time is available. You need to assess the timeframes you have created in order to make sure you are being effective.

I am a business owner and I am currently struggling with some challenges any suggestions


Although is is a very vague question I wanted to answer it today because it this is such a common thing, I could consume that this question is vague due to embarrassment or that Petra was so overwhelmed by the challenges that she cant see the wood for the trees and some options are better that nothing.

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