Slow down to achieve more


Slow down to achieve more, breaking the productivity myth

I often find myself talking to business owners who have this misconception of what it means to be productive; many seem to think that it is the number of hours worked which represents how hard they are working in their business, quite often when investigated further they appear to be caught up in the busyness of business rather than achieving their desired outcomes.

This is an easy trap to fall into and quite often it stems from before they started their businesses, using the amount of hours worked as evidence they are working hard to their former bosses or peers.

Of course owning your own business requires a lot of commitment and because, quite often you are on your own and there is a need to work longer hours, but that time should be productive and not wasted.  It was only when I started my own business and reviewed my process I understood that this strategy of always working with my foot on the accelerator was not beneficial to my business or wellbeing.

I am sure you started your business so you can enjoy life, spend more time with your family and have free time those sort of things, but the reality is that many entrepreneurs are slaves tied to their desks.  I believe a big part of this is because they do not understand how to manage their cognitive energy properly and they fail to realise that working smarter is the key to success.

In my blog performance lessons from smokers, I talked about observing how smokers have a useful strategy when it comes to stressful situations and how non-smokers seem to force themselves to concentrate more in these situations.

In this video I talk about how managing your cognitive energy will ultimately increase your productivity and by stepping off the accelerator, which is counter-intuitive I know, can deliver far more positive results which I have seen over and over again.

Too often I see company owners reach breaking point because of poor strategies which are simple to rectify if they are will to do the work.

Please share with me your thoughts I always love hearing from you

Wishing you the greatest success

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