065 – Geoff Nicholson: Planning Your Best Year

Planning Your Best Year

It's that time of year again a new year is beginning, plans need to be made and goals set, in this episode, I will share with you the strategies that I use and teach my clients.

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I am often looking for things that can save my clients money, increase there productivity and general help there businesses, in 2017 the best discovery was a platform I dismissed several times, its called Appsumo briefcase, it is a monthly subscription where you get access to software that can really help your business.  It has saved me hundreds of pounds over the last several months.

Recommended Book:

I started to read this brilliant book after getting it for Christmas it is the latest book from Tim Ferris called Tribe of Mentors, I absolutely love it, Tim has a way of being able to break down even the most complicated of things into understandable bite-sized chunks, You will learn so much from this book and enjoy reading it as well.

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Planning your best year
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