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Asking Geoff to Coach me is the best decision I have ever made. Geoff has a collection of tools in his Coaching arsenal like no other Coach you will ever meet. There is not one area of my life that Geoff has not enabled me to make a strong improvement and change in.

Choosing a coach can be a game changer!

I believe that working with a coach is supposed to be fun but make no mistake is should be challenging as well, you have hired me to assist you to get results and achieve an exceptional life and I take that responsibility very serious.

At the core when choosing a coach you need to think about trust and thats a two way street, you have to trust the coach is there to support you through blocks, listen to you if you get frustrated and upset and believe me that will happen from time to time.  In fact the coach should be non judgemental they are coming from a place of neutrality so they can assist you in making the right decision based on both sides of a challenge.

The coach has to trust you are wanting to actually get results and listen to what they have to say, a good coach has invest huge amounts of time in learning skills, hours and hours of client work that have assisted them to hone their coaching super powers to provide you with the support to get RESULTS.

The coach/client relationship is crucial to getting the results you want, I have worked with some of my clients for years because they value my experience and support, they identify that having a coach is a valuable part of there support system.

I nor any coach should want to stay with a client because they have started to rely on them to much it needs to be healthy.

If your looking to work with someone who helps you become better in every way, to be willing and wanting to be held accountable for taking the steps to achieve that exceptional life you are dreaming of.  To be pushed outside of your comfort zone and know they have got your back and support is only a phone call or email away.

The other thing that is important is your expectation of results, coaching can takes it time depending on what your challenges and needs are.  I personally don't offer ad hoc coaching session, I prefer working with a client through the obstacles and end at the desired results because of this I have coaching packages that are tailored to the clients requirements, so if your looking some a more bespoke coaching service you can just give me call and we will discuss your needs.

One of the most common strategies I have heard when interviewing successful people on my podcast was working with a coach

coaching conversation

I pride myself on offering one of the best support packages out there and I know that is a big statement but I've been doing this for over 10 years.

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