138 – Chad Sanderson: Value Selling

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The Value Selling Approach

For over twenty years, Chad Sanderson has led sales and marketing teams to success by implementing and reinforcing his award-winning ValueSelling Framework. He has successfully sold and marketed products and professional services across verticals and around the globe. Named a Top 5 Emerging Training Leader by Training magazine, Chad knows the sales world inside and out. He’s worked in sales, built teams, and achieved targets -- both within organizations and as a consultant.

He’s been successful, and he’s failed and recovered. Through his ValueSelling Framework -- a proven, repeatable, and predictable methodology -- Chad guides teams and organizations to look at their process through a new lens. He cuts through the antiquated, theory-based “fluff” so often attributed to sales training, and gets down to the nitty-gritty with a raw, no-BS perspective to look at what is working, what’s not working, and where there may be opportunities for growth. Never candy-coating the truth, Chad places the utmost value on honesty and authenticity.

He’s committed to each client’s success and earning the trust to become a “trusted advisor.” With decades of experience and a unique perspective, Chad understands how to drive predictable revenue growth through sales optimization.

His passion for sales and marketing shines through in his podcast The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, where he holds inspiring conversations with revenue executives to share tactical strategies for sales and marketing professionals to understand and prepare for the next evolution of H2H selling.

Important News

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Connecting with Chad Sanderson

If you are interested in finding out more about Chad please visit valueselling.com

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