Be the instigator of happiness 

 September 24, 2014

By  Geoff

Smiling can be infectious can’t it, whether the smile is from a friend or a stranger you pass on the street or stand next to on the bus.  That moment when we smile back we feel a positive feeling surge though our body.  Of course the skill is to keep that feeling for as long as possible,

We all could do our bit to help make the world a better place, through random acts of kindness, even if that kindness is a simple smile, a hello or a thank you.  Whether it’s showing your appreciation to a person from the local coffee shop serving your morning cuppa or a person you see everyday on the train, but you’ve never stopped to say hello to them.

I have a habit of saying “see you later” when I say bye to someone, whether it is a friend or a stranger, my wife asks me time and time again, why do you say that,  you may never see them again, my reply is normally maybe not, or maybe I will.

Don’t wait for someone to smile and say hello to you be the ignitor of happiness today.

Have a great day

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