179 – Kia Roberts: Founder of Triangle Investigations

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Heightening Standards for Organisation Leaders

About Kia Roberts

Kia Roberts is the Founder and Principal of Triangle Investigations, a group of lawyers and expert investigators conducting misconduct investigations (i.e.: sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation) within workplaces, schools, and other organizations. Triangle Investigations offers its clients usage of its proprietary Telli™ app (available on Google Play and the App Store), which works as a reporting mechanism for people to report misconduct within their organization.

Prior to founding Triangle Investigations, Kia was the NFL’s first-ever Director of Investigations, a position in which she handled investigations into allegations of violations of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy (the NFL’s Code of Conduct), for all NFL players and employees, both nationally and internationally. Within this position, Kia handled a wide range of investigations, including but not limited to: sexual harassment investigations, workplace violence investigations, bullying investigations, and investigations involving both criminal and non-criminal conduct, both in and outside the workplace.

Prior to the NFL, Kia spent approximately a decade as a prosecutor in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, finishing her time there as a prosecutor in the Office’s elite 12-member Homicide Bureau.

Connecting with Kia Roberts

If you would like to find out more about Kia, then you can visit her website where you will find his social media information and, of course, you can find her on LinkedIn.

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