027 – Roger Masterson: The King of the Castle

Serial Entrepreneur and King of the Castle

Roger Masterson is a serial entrepreneur; he helps business owners to think differently. He is at his best as a disruptive thinker and believes you learn more from things going wrong; he understands the difficulties of losing a business.
He is the founder of Celtic Castles, the award-winning online castle-booking company, based in the heart of Yorkshire in England. He is best known as ‘The Castle Man’. Nobody in the world knows more about staying in castles than Roger!

Roger takes time out to mentor other business owners and enjoys feedback like this: “Roger´s knowledge and enthusiastic approach to business have helped me to put into place certain measuring tools, which has been eye-opening. Being able to talk through all aspects of running a business with someone that has been there and got the t-shirt is invaluable. Roger is a natural ‘connector’ of people.

He is able to see opportunities and mutually beneficial collaborations with a cross section of business owners and businesses. He is very approachable and takes pleasure in helping others and seeing the positive result.”

Roger is a keen gardener, skier, motorcyclist, hill walker, photographer and loves staying in castles!

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Roger Masterson the caslte man
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